I’m Brad Johnson, a UX expert who has
spent the last decade honing his craft by
creating all sorts of experiences on the
web and on mobile devices.

USPS Mobile App

A long-term project to rebuild the United States Postal Service’s apps for both iOS and Android from the ground up.

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The Threatbase™ cybersecurity application makes it easy for analysts to see a high-level view of security threats and bad actors around the world.

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Innovation Ideas

The Innovation Ideas mobile and desktop apps allow AARP to leverage the imagination and intuition of each of its almost 2,000 employees.

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I built a Magic: The Gathering deckbuilding application with Python and Flask from the ground up with a focus on usability and visibility.

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See every upcoming heavy music show in the Washington, DC area at a glance. Surgical audience targeting makes MetalBard stand out from the crowd.

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