I’m Brad Johnson, a UX expert who has
spent the last decade honing his craft by
creating all sorts of experiences on the
web and on mobile devices.

USPS Mobile App

In 2018 I joined a team with a monumental task: rebuild the United States Postal Service’s apps for both iOS and Android from the ground up. We pulled out all the stops, beginning a spree of user research, market research, and careful hiring to accomplish this challenging goal and create apps that were on the cutting edge of design and development for the United States’ most beloved agency.

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In 2014 we got the opportunity to work on a new cybersecurity product with the folks at Booz Allen Hamilton. The application was designed to allow analysts at Booz to track hackers, attack types, etc. in order to create Reports that would then be shared with customers.

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Innovation Ideas

At EAI Technologies, we’re usually brought on to solve problems for a client: an aging website, a cumbersome workflow, or helping the client move into a sector they may not be as familiar with. In the case of AARP’s Innovation Ideas app, we had the unique opportunity to help AARP as an organization solve the problems it faces by leveraging the imagination and intuition of each of its almost 2,000 employees.

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Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game that is played by thousands of people all over the world. One of the most fun and important aspects of the game is building and sharing your own decks with the world. As a result, a staggering array of online deckbuilding tools for Magic have sprung up in recent years.

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MetalBard is a personal pet project of mine. I’ve gone to about a hundred different metal concerts of every stripe, often several in one week, and I always had to check multiple sources to figure out when a show was coming up, who was playing, and where. Since I was a teenager, spending a night out at a DC-area metal show was one of my most cathartic escapes and one of the few places I felt I belonged, so in a way MetalBard is my way of giving back to that community.

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