Well, it’s done.

After spending the better part of a day fiddling about with things I have no business meddling in, my new website is finally live. There are still a few kinks here and there to be worked out, but now I finally have a stable platform from which to shout at the uncaring masses.

My primary use for this website right now is to post highly educational blog posts like this one.  This is primarily a way for me to express myself, work on my writing, and keep a log of new things I run into that I enjoy or otherwise would like to remember.  It’s sort of like a public journal.

I’ll be posting nifty CSS snippets, chronicling my progress learning Javascript, and keeping track of design trends that have caught my eye.  In addition, however, I’ll be posting things that generally interest me and which may or may not have any relevance at all to the bulk of the content of this blog.

So here we are!  It’s not exactly January 1st, but here’s to a long year of great, high-quality non-content.  Brought to you, right here, by me.  Enjoy.