Wildest Dreams — Decky, pt. 1

Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game that is played by thousands of people all over the world. One of the most fun and important aspects of the game is building and sharing your own decks with the world. As a result, a staggering array of online deckbuilding tools for Magic have sprung up in recent years. As an avid player and collector of Magic cards, I found each of these applications to have their own limitations and decided to design and build my own take on the idea. After a year and change of design, development, blood, sweat, and coffee, Decky has come a long way.

With that still on the stack…

Because Decky was (and still is) a personal project I wanted to try to expand my knowledge, especially in the realm of web development. I knew I wanted to further develop my knowledge of languages like Python and Javascript and technologies like SQLite. I opted to use Python Flask to build Decky because this was my first time developing for the web with Python. On top of this I used a Python implementation of Libsass to make development easier on me.

I used the built-in SQLite

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Booz Allen Hamilton — Threatbase

A More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

In 2014 we got the opportunity to work on a new cybersecurity product with the folks at Booz Allen Hamilton. The application was designed to allow analysts at Booz to track hackers, attack types, etc. in order to create Reports that would then be shared with customers.

Threatbase is a suite of powerful tools, each of which came with its own exciting design challenges and solutions, but this article is primarily focused on the User Dashboard and individual Reports pages. This is because I personally found these pages to allowed the most room for innovation and design thinking.

Designing for Legibility

The analysts at Booz needed to be able to easily search a wide variety of information about cyber threats around the world, but for the end customer the Reports themselves were the most important things in the application by far. With this fact in mind, we decided to take a very type-centric approach to the Reports, knowing that they needed to be extremely legible and inviting to encourage people to actually read the sometimes dry information contained within. We drew inspiration primarily from blogging platforms like Medium and from contemporary news

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AARP — Innovation Ideas

Innovating Innovation

First Innovation Ideas Mobile MockupAt EAI Technologies, we’re usually brought on to solve problems for a client: an aging website, a cumbersome workflow, or helping the client move into a sector they may not be as familiar with. In the case of AARP’s Innovation Ideas app, we had the unique opportunity to help AARP as an organization solve the problems it faces by leveraging the imagination and intuition of each of its almost 2,000 employees.

As part of a greater push to involve all of AARP’s employees in the organization’s progress, we were asked to create a mobile application that would allow people to submit and vote on innovative new ideas.

The application had to allow people to quickly submit your ideas (having a “lightbulb moment” in the shower was a frequently mentioned use case), it had to allow people to vote on others’ ideas, and it had to feature a leaderboard where you can see the top-rated ideas each week.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Innovation Ideas Final iPhone AppThe innovation group at AARP had been working on a certain amount of branding (colors, fonts, etc.) and we were given access to those resources early on. We put together these

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