A Few Photos from Africa

This summer I went on vacation to South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe to go on a few safaris. I’d like to share a few of the photographs I took along the way in a series of posts like this one. I’ll be posting a few more small galleries of the best photos I managed to take on my trip. Feel free to let me know what you think.

These photos were taken at a game park in Botswana. We were very lucky to see a number of lions and quite a few elephants. We were up every morning at sunrise and stayed in the park until after dark, so I was able to take some sunrise and sunset photos that I very much liked. Also, we got to take a ride through the marsh in dug-out canoes, led by expert guides.

Next time I'll share some photos of the amazing Victoria Falls and the game parks of Zimbabwe, the bread basket of Africa. All I have to do is find time to edit all of the photos from the trip.

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Wildest Dreams — Decky, pt. 1

Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game that is played by thousands of people all over the world. One of the most fun and important aspects of the game is building and sharing your own decks with the world. As a result, a staggering array of online deckbuilding tools for Magic have sprung up in recent years. As an avid player and collector of Magic cards, I found each of these applications to have their own limitations and decided to design and build my own take on the idea. After a year and change of design, development, blood, sweat, and coffee, Decky has come a long way.

With that still on the stack…

Because Decky was (and still is) a personal project I wanted to try to expand my knowledge, especially in the realm of web development. I knew I wanted to further develop my knowledge of languages like Python and Javascript and technologies like SQLite. I opted to use Python Flask to build Decky because this was my first time developing for the web with Python. On top of this I used a Python implementation of Libsass to make development easier on me.

I used the built-in SQLite

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Viva Vienna — 4 Days in the Austrian Capital

When my mom was young, her parents worked for the US State Department. As a result, she spent most of her childhood traveling from one country to the next, instilling in her a love for travel and adventure that she still has to this day. A few years ago she mentioned wanting to take a vacation with the family to one of her favorite cities that she lived in growing up: Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately it was too expensive for the whole family to travel across the world and too hard to fit into everyone’s schedules, so we never got to go on that vacation. The idea stayed in my head however, and now that I have the means to travel on my own I decided to take a Vienna vacation for myself.

On Friday, December 2, I boarded a plane from Dulles to Vienna knowing absolutely no German and having booked nothing but a (very nice, very well researched) hotel room near the city’s Museumsquartier. I didn’t really have any plans whatsoever. I hadn’t picked out any sites I wanted to see (except a single museum), and I knew almost nothing about the city itself. All

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