Happy New Year

As the Year of the Rat begins, I thought I would make some long-overdue changes to BradJ.me. I’ve made updates to almost every part of this website, from the fonts to the back-end. I had been thinking of making a change for a while but every time I thought about it I realized I was still happy with the look and feel that I established years ago. With that in mind, I decided to shore up the areas where I’ve gained more experience and fix up any minor issues that began to bother me over the years.

The biggest change is the change of fonts. Going from Futura’s stark geometry to the rounded edges of Graycliff helped take some of the edge off the look of header text throughout the site. Also replacing Franklin Gothic with the more contemporary but still mid-century Articulat made the website as a whole a bit more legible and more suited the look more in my opinion. Replacing such classic fonts was a gamble but I knew that Futura and Franklin Gothic were some of the most used fonts on the web and I wanted something with a bit more character.

Additionally, the Lust font used for main page titles was removed completely in favor of SVG images. This way users don’t have to download an entire font just to see it in two places on the website. Speaking of  SVGs, the icons for my social media (in the top right) were also updated from low-resolution PNGs to the more usable and faster SVGs that are up there now (Courtesy of Streamline Icons).

I’ve also been doing some work under the hood to improve performance overall and especially 0n mobile devices, but that’s a work in progress and will be the subject of another post altogether. And there are small details that have been updated (such as the 404 page and the copyright notice) that were just for a little fun. I’m excited to begin a new year of BradJ.me and start posting all the projects I’ve worked on for the past few months.