EAI Hacks 2016 — HirePower

Put your faith in a HirePower

Early in October EAI hosted a hackathon. People split off into teams to work on completely new projects for four days and see what we could build. We built a lot of cool things, including a button to alert the office when lunch has arrived and an app to help musicians find other musicians to work with. I worked on an app that was affectionately dubbed HirePower.

…the bulk of the hiring work is done by a single, overworked employee named Cam.

In the past couple months we’ve struggled to effectively find and screen suitable candidates for design and development jobs here at EAI. We’re a pretty small company, and the bulk of the hiring work is done by a single, overworked employee named Cam. In order to make our hiring process a little smoother (and Cam’s life a little less stressful), we decided to create an application that would not only allow candidates to apply for jobs with us, but would also collect all of the information we have about a candidate and provide a platform for rating that candidate on a variety of criteria.

The dossier

Central to the usefulness of HirePower is the Dossier—a single page where an interviewer can find all of the information EAI has on a specific candidate. Users can see a candidate’s scores in previous interviews, traits such as critical thinking and creativity quantified and averaged, code samples, and external documents like their résumé and SparkHire videos. It’s also easy for recruiters to contact the candidate from this page.

Ideally interviewers would be looking at this page before or even during an interview to get as much context about a candidate and their progress in our whole long interview process as they can.

This dossier is critical in collecting and managing all of the interview results and code samples an external videos and résumés, contact information, an any number of random tidbits that are crucial to understanding who a person is. We now have a unified picture of who a candidate is, what their skills are, and what our interviewers think of them and their potential at EAI.

The rest of the interview process

While the Dossier is the part of HirePower that I’m most excited about, the platform will be able to handle our interview process from beginning to end. Users can come to the site, sign up, and apply for jobs; interviewers have a simple, easy interface for giving feedback about a candidate; and ultimately Cam’s job is made easier, the quality of our candidates improves, and we lose less candidates to a cumbersome and disorganized interview process.

Though HirePower started as a hackathon project, we’ve since committed to completing and fleshing out the platform because we see a lot of potential not only to significantly improve our own hiring process, but also as a product itself, to help other small business find and hire the right people.

We’re already noticing changes in the quality of our hiring process and we can’t wait to see how much we can do when we put our faith in a HirePower.