Cardinal Health — Orders

Ordering Disorder

We were recently brought on to a project for Cardinal Health to rebuild their dated order tracking system and were asked to redesign the application as well.

The existing orders application applied design principals from the web of the early 2000's so there was a lot of room for improvement. We were able to make the data in the application more digestible using a variety of techniques from creating a new map view to simplifying and improving the typography and colors of the application. We were given a lot of leeway when it came to branding for the application because the existing application didn't adhere to any internal design guidelines.

Out with the Old

It is immediately evident upon seeing the outdated application that it was a product of its time. It's easy enough to flatten out the '00s gradients and use more modern web fonts, but a lot of thought went into rearranging and improving the usability of all of the information throughout.

For example, gone are the pod-shaped table rows. Unlabeled controls are replaced with a menu of text buttons to take a variety of actions on the site. We also removed the 960 pixel width limit on all of the pages to allow more data to be seen at once and to allow the various components more space to "breathe." We chose to use Cardinal Health's existing color palette and fonts to create cohesion with other Cardinal Health apps but crafted our own components for our own needs.

These improvements seem small, but taken together they make a huge difference to the usability of the orders application.

Cardinal Direction

We were lucky to be able to work closely with the end users of the application. Because the primary audience was internal to our client, we had nearly unlimited access to them and their insights into the ordering process. This feedback was invaluable and allowed us to craft a solution specifically to the needs of our users. As a result of this project we were able to continue a long and fruitful relationship with Cardinal Health and we improved the day to day lives of the people using the application in the course of their daily work.